Tae Kwon Do Juniors Baden Powell School, Poole. Beginners to Yellow Belt

This class is taught by:

Gordon Fearn

Master Gordon Fearn 6th Degree Black Belt - The Director/Head Instructor Gordon Fearn Tae Kwon Do. Current World and European Lightweight Champion. GB and England Team captain. Assistant GB and England Team Coach. He loves teaching all ages/abilities and helping students achieve their goals. His classes are high energy and promote a positive attitude.
I started training in Tae Kwon Do in my home town of Ashbourne Derbyshire at the age of 9. I was bullied as a child and was very shy. For the 1st few years I would say that I never took my training seriously and was once told by a black belt club member that I wouldn't do very well in Tae Kwon Do. I received my blue belt and was considering stopping, my parents supported my training but had never seen me train, although my mum came to some gradings. At this time I was getting bored, I knew my patterns but didn't really try hard and I wasn't very flexible. But one class during this period I tried really hard and the instructor at the time commented on how good I was in class. Never really having any praise in my life apart from my parents of course, this changed me. The club was then taken over by the current instructor Master Tom Coleman 7th dan and he showed me a whole new side to Tae Kwon Do. He is a great practioner himself and has an open mind. He was and still is a role model to me. So at this point I started to go to competitons, train with other people and the club had a great vibe. I was winning some medals as a coloured belt but not many but I was getting better and my kicking was improving. I received my black belt in 1992 and did my last competition as a junior at the age of 15. I became English patterns champion and bronze in sparring. Then at 16 I went straight to the adults division as a welterweight -70kgs where I met World and European champions. I was beaten up for the next 3 years, I couldn't get past the 1st round! Which became my goal. In the meantime Master Coleman let me train in Nottingham with Master Ralph Minott 7th dan who was an England Team member and had represented GB in the Olympic style of TKD in the 1988 Seoul Olympics in Korea. Master Minott is another role model in my life. With the combination of training with Master Coleman and Minott I had started to become a good fighter and was a good standard at patterns and breaking boards. Master Minott took my fighting to another level, I would travel on several buses to get to his classes and I started to work my life more and more around my training. Sacrificing time with my family, friends and turning down job opportunites. I was a lifeguard, fitness instructor and swim teacher but was obsessed with TKD. Around this time Master Minott formed an area team (North Midlands Team). The North midlands team was made up of very strong fighters, up and coming fighters and well established fighters. The captain was Stephanie Harris (now Mckenzie) she was the ladies England captain at the time and a world champion. The age range of the team was 10 years to nearly 40 years old. Within the team was an elite squad which consisted of Steph Harris, Gary Foster, RJ, Amerdeep Riyat, Jake Parks and myself. We had specialist fitness, sparring, psychology and nutrition sessions, it really was amazing what we had. We all got on and were like a family, albeit that we used to kick lumps off each other.
I was also training with national team at this point but wasn't part of the team but I started realise that this is what I wanted. The national team was and still is coached by Master Kenny Walton 8th dan who was one of the best TKD fighters in history. I look up to him like a Dad and he is great role model.

The area team was a great experience and I believe it was a fantastic foundation for my international fighting Career. In 1996 I won my 1st International medal in the European championships in Holland which was a bronze. I was even hungrier to make the national team. In 1996 I finally made it by beating long time rival Mike Parchment. I went to Russia on my 1st trip with the national team. I went to various countries picking up medals not always gold. But I had started to make a name for myself and in 2001 I made the desicion to move down from Welterweight to Lightweight -64kgs. My 1st competition as lightweight was the English Champs and I won. Then the same year I won my 1st World title in Poland, The World Cup. I also moved to Dorset to set up my schools and achieved my 4th dan.

The national team started to change with many of the senior members stepping down and retiring.
In 2002 I had my 1st training camp in the build up to the World Championships in America which I won but sadly the next day in the team event, I broke the left side of my face fighting an Argentian in the team final. The left side of my face caved in and I was in hospital being told that I would never compete again. After major surgery, my face was built up through the inside of my mouth. The American surgeons were amazing. In 6 months I was back fighting and in the same year I became the England captain.

With hard work and dedication I came back to be the number 1 seed for lightweight division and I currently still hold this position. As the England captain the team has been undefeated since 2005. 4 world team titles and the current world champs. My team are also mainly individual world champions themselves. Team mate and good friend Warren Vice who most people know is the number 1 fighter in TAGB and has been for a long time. Tamsen Oatey the Ladies England captain also a good friend is a world champion and awesome competitor. The 3 of us have been the nucleus of the England team for over a decade. Along with our Coach, Master Walton we have won and been the most successful Tae Kwon Do team to date. Warren, Tamsen and myself have been winning world and european titles in all this time, the 3 of us are the current World and European Champs. We have travelled the world together and won gold medals in all our International and National events.

In 2006 I won the grading award for my 5th dan. Over 500 people graded that April weekend and the TAGB committee chose me which was an honour.

In 2012 I was awarded the rank of Master 6th dan by the TAGB.

More recently I have competed in the World Championships 2013 and won my idividuals and team. Then in 2014 I competed in the Europeans in Switzerland and won 2 individual gold.

I am the current assistant GB coach and hope to get more involved in this role now as my International career is drawing to an end.

I also do a lot of work and seminars with good friend Master Joseph Schembri who was the Welsh team captain and has dominated the flyweight divison for over a decade he also is the current world champion and to me is one of the best fighters I've seen.

My schools are very busy and I work constantly to try and improve the schools. I am very good with Children and Adults having a positive effect on them. Helping with their confidence. I have helped many students achieve the rank of black belt. I also have World and European champion winning students.

I would like to thank my sponsors High Five Sports Nutrition, Powerbag, Groves Car Consultancy and David Lloyd.

Competition Achievements

Current World champion

World team champion

Current European champion

European team champion

World cup champion

W.A.S.C.O World Champion

Continental champion

British champion

English,Scottish, Welsh and
Irish Open champion

US, Dutch, Swiss, Armenian,
Northern Cyprus, Estonian, German, Polish open

3 x TAGB international fighter of the year

Clash of the titans winner x 2

BTC (British Tae Kwon Do Council) Team Champion x 2

Captained the England team to 4 world championship wins.

Tae Kwon Do from 6 years old. All abilities and grades. Beginners are welcome. Tae Kwon Do is the Korean art of self defence. Classes are fun, challenging and rewarding.

Upcoming classes:

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