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Terms and Conditions/Rules and regulations of Gordon Fearn Tae Kwon Do & Ninja  Skillz LTD
• All Students, parents or guardians must complete the relevant forms on line prior to commencing their first lesson.
• Students must be licensed within the first 2 weeks of training.
• You or your child must be physically able and fit to join in the class. Any medical conditions must be brought to the instructors attention, prior to training.
• Any student not attending 3 consecutive lessons may lose their place, unless prior notice has been given.
• Students must wear the officially approved uniform(s). Such uniform(s) shall not be worn in the event that the individuals Membership lapses or is otherwise terminated.!
-Membership fees to be paid once every month, preferably by Direct Debit - Autopay. Failure to do so will incur a penalty fee- 50p per failed transaction. Charges are incurred whether a payment is successful or not, therefore, 50p will be added to that months fees every time a payment fails to recover costs/charges. eg if a paymnet fails twice - £1 will be added to the monthly fee amount for the failed month. The build up of arrears is not acceptable. Monthly membership fees cover the students tuition fees and their place in the school. If a Direct Debit is cancelled, that students place may be offered to another student.  
-Ninjas are required to bring their skill cards to each class. A photograph will be required for all new members. 
• The schools are closed for 1 and a half weeks in the summer and 2 weeks at Christmas. Please note, no alternative classes or refunds will be offered during these times. They may also be closed on the odd occasion Mr Fearn is competing or coaching with the England/Great Britain Team. In the event of this, Mr Fearn will do his utmost to offer another session on a different date or get the class covered. Some schools maybe closed on Bank holidays, if the venue is closed. In this case you will be offered a different venue to train at as a temporary replacement. (please note that no refunds will be given)
• New members must enrol after the 1st lesson using the online shop.  If this isn't done then the place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
• All students must have a T.A.G.B licence, correct belt colour and uniform before they can enter a competition or grade for their next belt.
• Misuse of the art will result in disciplinary action.
• Members must never lose their temper in the training hall, especially in sparring and only TAGB (Tae Kwon Do International) sparring pads maybe worn.  No other sparring pads are excepted by our Insurer and governing body.
• Parents are responsible for their children immediately prior and following the lesson.
• Students must keep their finger and toe nails clipped.
• Members should behave in a disciplined manner while training.
• Individuals should respect all members, especially those of senior grade.
• No student may enter a tournament without the Instructors permission, correct paperwork/completed form and fee paid where applicable.
• Gradings depend on attendance, attitude and Mr.Fearn’s discretion as well as technical ability.
• Gradings/belt promotions are held every 3/4 months. A minimum of 75% attendance is required during periods between gradings/belt promotions.
• A student may not change clubs without completing a transfer form and obtaining prior permission from both instructors concerned.
• All training must be undertaken under the supervision of a T.A.G.B/Gordon Fearn Little Ninjas & Tae Kwon Do approved school. Should any school cease to be approved, only the training undertaken during the period that the school was approved shall count towards grading.
• No smoking, eating, chewing gum or wearing of jewellery, ear rings etc is permitted in the training hall.
• Turn phone ringtones off whilst in the training hall.
• In any dispute, the ruling of the Master Instructor is final.
• The Master Instructor may adjust the class availability and times at any point.
• The Master Instructor may alter the monthly fees during membership, with 1 months notice given.
• The Master Instructor may at any time alter or add to the rules of Gordon Fearn Tae Kwon Do and Ninja Skillz LTD.
• Long term members that are paying by standing order - standing orders are controlled by you. Should you choose to leave at any point then you must give one month’s fee notice. You are responsible for the cancellation of your standing order after you leave. Gordon Fearn Tae Kwon Do and Ninja Skillz LTD will not issue a refund if such payment continues after you leave.
- Cancelling Membership/leaving the school -when paying by card Autopay/DD
Please note there is a 1 fee month's notice should you wish to leave/cease training. x 1 months fee will be taken after you advise in writing via email/text that you will to leave the school.