April 2017 Black Belt Grading

On the weekend of 21st -23rd April, 5 students from Gordon Fearn TKD went over to the TAGB headquarters in Bristol to grade for the their Black belt. They were all examined by 5 examiners - Grand Master Oliver 9th Dan, Master Walton, Master Sergiew, Master Donnelly and Master Dew (all 8th Dans) All 5 of our students passed and performed very well, looking strong and showing good technique. Arabella Thurlow, Beau Bradford, Arief McKenna and Matthew Cooke were all promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt. Mrs Julia Mardo graded for her 4th Degree Black Belt and had a very impressive performance and was in the top 3. So after 16 years of training she is now an expert in Tae Kwon Do and a very well deserved grade. Well done to you all, we are all very proud of you. Read More

Grading Awards for March 2017 Coloured Belt Grading

Well done to Evie Hodges and Adam Gladdis for both receiving A stars on their last grading and being awarded the Grading awards. Read More