Congratulations to all the students who been involved with Belt Promotions and Gradings this last week.  The standard has been high, which is great to see especially with the higher grades.

The examiner has chosen 2 students to receive grading awards this time and those students will receive them at their next class.

The Gordon Fearn TKD app has been revamped, so if you have the old one with me kicking on the icon.  Please delete it and download the new one on the apple store or google store for free.  You can log into it to access the members area with Theory sheets and videos.  This is the same log in details as the payment account, however you can just hit the website tab and go to the members area that way.  As the website is mobile friendly and great for iPads, tablets and smart phones

I am in the process of producing some up to date grading and theory sheets to make it easier for students to practice their theory and helpful for my black belts to ask questions on gradings. Hopefully this will help the students who stress about the theory on gradings.

There will be a STORM TEAM and NINJA LEADER meeting and session coming up.  Some new students will be invited to this, along with some of my existing helpers.  This will be a restructure of my team as some students are unable to commit to helping at the classes anymore and others have expressed an interest.  If you wish to be considered then you must know all of your patterns up to your grade and train regularly in class.

The new website has had some good feedback, with plenty of information on there.  Please note that the timetable with all the class days and times are on there, the venue addresses are all on there also.

I have recently been involved in filming some tutorial videos for a company called fighter training.  Where people can subscribe to an app that has tutorials from World Champion fighters.  Check there website out https://www.fightertraining.com
Whilst filming this I met some great actors who have had roles in The Bourne Legacy films and the latest Marvel film Doctor Strange.

MIKU CLINIC of Japanese Integrated Medicine
A Christchurch student Kimmy Dobák runs a clinic in Christchurch.  Her MIKU Clinic integrates many therapies simultaneously during one treatment to assist in the prevention and recovery of a broad range of conditions.  MIKU CLINIC does not charge per individual therapy - but tailors treatment by combining therapies for individual patient recovery, prevention & health!

Several of my students have been to Kimmy's Clinic including myself.  I have personally been going for 6 weeks and after a 20 year international fighting career, my body was in pretty bad shape but I have felt massive positive affects on my body. So I can't recommend Kimmy enough - you can contact her on 07809 862024 for more information.

Integrated therapies for diagnosis/treatment could include:
Joint & Spine Mobilization
Soft tissue balancing
Moxibustion and/or Cupping
Nutrition & Supertonic Herbs
Visceral Massage & Stimulation
Cranial Sacral Visceral Fascia Release
Muscle Functioning & Applied Kinesiology
Remedial Exercise And Lifestyle changes
Chi Power Machine
Allergy Relief Techniques

Japanese ‘Hichi Buku Goshinjutsu Amatsu Ryoho’… This is a Japanese system of natural & naturopathic medicine dating back thousands of years. It includes; physical medicine, nutritional medicine, emotional medicine, environmental medicine and energy medicine. This medicine emerged from deep studies of Japanese Martial Arts which are dedicated to the protection of body, mind and spirit. For over 5,000 years its practice was centred in Japan and it was only in the 1980s that its secrets were opened to the West by Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi.

The 2nd new ninja is revealed below and is waiting for all Little Ninjas and Junior TKD students to name him.  The winner gets a t shirt with that Ninja on it, with the winning name.  So get your entries in now.  You are allowed to enter up to 3 names per ninja.

The winner of the 1st Ninja competition was RUPERT ROCHE from Bransgore Little Ninjas.  So our 1st girl Ninja is called 'ARA' which is Korean and means 'to know'.

ARA is the Master Ninja of Fitness and Health