Dear Ninja Parents, 

I hope you all had a nice Summer and it's great to see everyone back in class.  

Recently I started the new Ninja classes in Bournemouth with 3-4 year olds together then 5-7 years together giving the Ninjas the option to move to the Junior Tae Kwon Do programme when they feel ready.  The classes like my other class are pretty much full and I have waiting lists, therefore if you have a younger child that you plan to introduce to ninjas in the near future.  It would be best if you email GF TKD admin on info@gftkd.co.uk to add them to the waiting list.

Mini Ninjas
The new mini ninja syllabus is nearly finished which is for Children 18 months to 36 months.  This is a parent and child ninja class with age specific drills and of course sticker rewards.  I will run 2 sessions free of charge for anyone who would like to try it.  These are to see how the class goes and how the younger children respond, then I will decide whether to start the class permanently.  If you are interested in this class please let me know on the info@gftkd.co.uk email.

Little Ninja Naming Competition 
3 of our new ninja characters have names, which have been named by Rupert Roche, Jamie Bennett and Austin Loftus-Boyd.  These 3 all have their very own limited edition t shirt with the ninja character that they have named on it.  The latest ninja character is below doing a flying kick and we have 1 week to go before I choose his name from the ones that I have been sent.  So there's still time to send your names in before I introduce the next new character.

 Please send your name ideas by email for your Ninja to have a chance to win, you can choose up to 3 names.

More Ninja Updates
I have 2 bits of exciting news that are in the pipeline.
The 1st one is that we are getting a very own Little Ninja theme song created, along with some mini songs for the children to listen to. The songs will incorporate the Ninja rules, bullying awareness, stranger danger and being healthy plus all the other topics we cover in the classes.  I have a family member who is a songwriter and works for Sony, who is happy to help me on this project.  Especially as my singing is dreadful and would probably scare the ninjas.
The 2nd bit of news is that our new ninja characters are going to be featuring in animation, with a few short cartoons to again reinforce the topics in the class especially Bullying and Strangers.