Little Ninjas Update

My Ninja classes are having an upgrade aswell as the redesign of the characters.

I have joined forces with a friend of mine in America who extensively works on age specific drills for children in martial arts and how they develop through the years.  The progarmme that she created is Skillz.  

So I am introducing the Skillz into my schools starting in July in Bournemouth on Tuesdays.  At the moment my other ninja classes will run the same in Poole, Wimborne and Christchurch.

On a Tuesday the 1st class at 4pm will be called Little Ninjas which will focus on 3-4 year olds.  The next class on Tuesday will be at 5pm and will be called Ninjas, this will focus on 5-7 year olds.

The other programme which is coming soon is the Mini Ninjas class, this will be for children 18-36 months old.

The skills will be diffrent for each group

Mini Ninjas (18-36 months) will work on these 8 skillz

1. Stepping  2. Listening 3. Patience 4. Respect 5. Jumping 6. Thinking 7. Following 8. Sharing

Little Ninjas (3-4 year olds) will work on these 8 skillz

1. Kicking 2. Punching 3. Blocking 4.Crawling 5.Hopping 6. Rolling 7. Running 8. Catching 

Ninjas (5-7 year olds) will work on these 8 skillz

1. Focus 2. Teamwork 3. Control 4. Memory 5. Balance 6. Discipline 7. Fitness 8. Coordination 

The older junior classes will work on another set of skillz.

All the Ninja classes will still have the same good behaviour, being respectful to others, Stranger Danger, Bully Awareness and self defence in the lessons.

Tuesday Classes

The new class times on Tuesday will be
4pm Little Ninjas (3-4 year olds)
5pm Ninjas (5-7 year olds)
5.45pm Junior Tae Kwon Do - this is for 7 years and above or depending on ability. (The new Mudeford class)
6.45pm to 7.45pm Advanced Junior and All adults Tae Kwon Do
7.45pm to 8pm (free time) to use for sparring, extra patterns, breaking boards etc.

New Equipment 

We are having some new equipment designed and hopefully I will get the samples this week.  Here's a sneak peak of the new GF TKD training shorts.

GF TKD Shorts