Hi Everyone,  I hope you all had a nice Summer and had lots of fun in the Holidays.  Also I hope that all the Children starting school or have moved up a year, have settled in.

Classes over the Summer
Classes over the summer are normally very quiet, some were still quiet but others were the busiest they have ever been at this time of year.  The beach sessions went down very well and we had 4 this summer with over 60 people in attendance.

Black Belt Grading
The next Black Belt grading in Bristol is the weekend of 14th,15th & 16th October.  We have 7 students going for their Black Belts this time, best of luck to.
Bethany Monger
Rory Crum
Rebecca Brown
Glen Anzinger-Cooper
Lucas Bradshaw
Ben Cadec
Izzy Cadec

Grading & Grading Class
There is a Grading coming up next Monday 19th for my Tae Kwon Do students at QE School in Wimborne.  The Examiner is Master Peros 8th Degree Black Belt.  Please remember that if you are grading , to get your fee of £30.00 in, no later that the last class on Sunday 18th September.  

The grading class is at Sir David English Sports centre 9am to 10.30am this Sunday.  The class is nearly full, it's by booking only and is £10.00

Competition News
Natasha Pettifer has continued her medal haul after entering the South East Championships and Scottish National Championships.

South East x 2 Gold Medals
Scottish x 1 Silver Medal

She also did a very explosive demonstration at her School in assembly yesterday infront the pupils and Teachers.  This was to celebrate her World Championship win back in July.

The next Competition is the Southern Champs (1st Oct), North Midlands (30th Oct) and the British Champs (20th Nov)

Text and Emails
I have been trialling a new system over the last few months on my Grading classes, Sparring classes & Private Lessons.  When you are booked in you receive a confirmation text and email, then a reminder via the same methods the day before your class/appointment.  Please let me know your thoughts on this system.

The Gordon Fearn TKD app is available for android and apple devices, just go to the google or apple store and download for free.  The app has access to the members area for the videos of patterns and theory sheets.  It also has the timetable for all classes and events, therefore you can just jump on the app or website and it will tell you the schedule that day or in the future.

STORM (Special Team Of Role Models) TEAM AND NINJA LEADERS
The Storm Team and Ninja Leaders that have been asking about helping. We have a meeting coming up, when the venue and times are confirmed I will let you know.  My current team will automatically be invited to the meeting, some students have expressed an interest and I have also approached some students to try out .  You will get a personal email from me with the details this week.  Some students have been on the team but have been unable to make class and help, so natrually I assume that you are no longer interested.

The things that you need to consider before you even try out for this team is that -
You attend class regularly 
You are always well presented
That you try hard in class and at school
That you keep yourself disciplined and respectful
You are able to attend a class to assist at as well as train at your own class
You are willing to help others
You are able attend the STORM meetings.

I am not expecting all team members to teach patterns and techniques.  This is a leadership programme and it is aimed at improving the classes and making them even better, along with developing the STORM Team to be confident, positive & focused individuals.

Meetings will be held regularly and we will cover topics like -

Making good choices
Social Interaction Skills
And many more topics are included

Ninja naming Competition
It's the last few days to get your entries in for the 4th New ninja before I reveal the 5th new Ninja.

Ninja Sticker Books
All the ninjas should have a new sticker book by now, if you haven't got all the stickers don't worry I will add them or you can over the next few weeks.  Then we will be changing our stickers with our new Characters on them.

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Thank You

Master Gordon Fearn