October 2016 News & Updates
This is a quick email blast with some news and a few updates.

Black Belt Grading
Best of luck in the Black Belt grading next weekend, in Bristol to Bethany Monger, Ben Cadec, Izzy Cadec, Lucas Bradshaw, Rory Crum, Rebecca Brown and Glen Anzinger-Cooper

Southern Championships
Well done to Nick Reed, Natasha Pettifer, Twezher Gurdji, Ethan Millward and Adam Gladdis who competed in the Southern Championships
Natasha Pettifer - Gold
Adam Gladdis - 2 x Silver
Ethan Millward - Silver
Twezher Gurdji - Silver

Next Comp is the North Midlands on 30th October in Derby, entries must be sent in by next week.
British Champs 20th November - Derby
Samuel Oldridge Cup is 27th November - Bransgore

Fighting Chance
Michael Cooke took part in trials in Manchester over the weekend. To try out for the Olympic training programme and GB Squad Selection. We are yet to find out the results but we hope that it's good news.

Samuel Oldridge Cup- 27th November at Bransgore
The Samuel Oldridge Cup is later than usual this year, due to a very busy year. More details of this competition to follow, in the meantime please see http://gftkd.co.uk/samuel-oldridge-cup

Next Tae Kwon Do Grading in Wimborne
Our final Tae Kwon Do grading of the year is on December 12th in Wimborne
The Grading class will be December 10th in Bransgore

I am still trying to get the venue sorted, I was trying to get a more central venue for all my students who will be invited but it looks like my old faithful Bransgore Village hall will be the favourite. All those I have spoken to lately or a while ago, you will get an invite shortly!

New Products
Our latest products that are out or coming soon 
The Club t shirt - now available in Red with White print £15.00

Hoodies - I am making a big order at the beginning of November.
Hoodies are available in Black with Gold print or Navy Blue with Silver Print with zips - also with your Names on them £28.00

Coming soon - GFTKD round focus pads (Black round pads with Gold print), new Ninja T shirts, New Black Club Uniforms, same design but with a slight changes and different material, new ninja belts which fit better!

Christmas Parties
I'm looking at booking a Christmas Party, any ideas will be welcome.
Last year, Ringo's was a hit for the children and the Curry Garden for the meal. Some have mentioned trying the Korean restaurant again in Bournemouth. Again any ideas will be welcome.

Ninja Sticker Books
Apologies for those who received the latest Ninja Sticker book, the design is awesome but the printer let me down with the quality of the book and they all seem to be falling apart. I am getting some samples so the strength of them will be better. Ninjas can still us their old books if they like and if they keep the new book then parents are welcome to update with the stickers they need. As I have no time at the end of the lesson to do this.
When all the the old stickers have gone, the new ninja characters will be used on the new stickers.

Ninja Characters
There are still some Ninja Characters in the pipeline to be drawn but as you can imagine this takes time. My awesome designer has just drawn a ninja character of my son which I will use on some of my ninja products and stickers. I was really happy with what she did and will reveal the drawing soon! Which then gave me an idea, some of you Ninja Parents might like your Little Ninja drawn. It would be cool in a ninja bedroom or a gift to family members. If you are interested in this then please let me know then I can pass you on to the Designer/Artist to discuss a price. Please note these are drawn and can take time depending on what you want, therefore prices may vary. So i find it's best to give and provide as much detail as possible to help the artist as much as possible otherwise she will be drawing in the dark. Also please note that it will be a drawing provided to you in digital format and you can then decide what to use it for - t shirt, Poster,  canvas, etc


The 5th New Ninja needs a name.

Please send your name ideas by email for your Ninja to have a chance to win, you can choose up to 3 names.

Happy naming!!

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