This weekend I was at the 11th Open World Championships at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham(formally named the NIA).

This is my 1st World Championship where I was an England Coach and it was very diffrent being on edge of the mat rather than being on the mat.  Firstly I would like to say how proud I am of all the 
competitors from Gordon Fearn Tae Kwon Do who represented England and my Schools over the weekend.  Showing great spirit and positive attitudes whilst at the championships, I couldn't of asked for a better team of students to have gone and represented the schools.  They are the following students 

Nick Reed
Michael Cooke
Natasha Pettifer
Patrick Clarke
Rocco Strickland
Bethany Monger
Matthew Cooke
Jessica Cooke
Adam Gladdis

Unfortunately I didn't get chance to see all of the students perform, there were 30 areas, a few thousand people, 9 of them and an England team to look after.  But the students that I saw certainly had great performances.  Even more impressive we have another World Champion in our schools.

Natasha Pettifer won the Gold Medal in the Junior Girls Middleweight division
(World Middleweight Champion)

She also won a Bronze in patterns and another Gold Medal in the Teams, making her a double World Champion.  She had a great performance and has trained very hard for this since January.

Michael Cooke also added to his World Title collection winning a Gold in the teams and in the individual sparring he had a close fight with World Champion Billy Palmer and won a Bronze Medal.  So Michael also has 2 world titles now.

Matthew Cooke fought very hard in a big Lightweight Red belt division, winning fights so convincingly that they had to be stopped because he was 10 points clear.  He missed out on the gold, winning the Silver Medal.

Jessica Cooke won 2 bronze medals, one in the individual sparring and one in the teams. 

I am proud of you all for taking part in such a big event and I know that you'll inspire others to believe in themselves and achieve individual goals.

With the England Team, the success continued with both the Mens and Womens team winning the team gold medals

Then mens team have now won it a record 5 times consecutively.  

We also had 7 individual world champions crowned over the weekend making Senior Coach, Master Walton and I very happy, tired and voiceless coaches.

Who knows in the next World Championships, it could be you or your child competing!

Photos to follow!