Samuel OldridgeThe Samuel Oldridge Cup is our annual tournament held every year.  The competition is open to all GFTKD students, there is a Little Ninja competition, along with patterns, sparring and board breaking.  All who enter this competition will receive our special Samuel Oldridge Cup medal. This competition is named after Samuel Oldridge who sadly passed away in 2009.  Samuel, even though he was blind he never let it stop him doing anything and nor did he ever give up in whatever he tried . Samuel showed no fear, he inspired us all in the fact he achieved so much at such a young age and had the ability to make us all smile.  Samuel showed the 5 tenants of Tae Kwon-Do




Self Control

                                                                                           Indomitable Spirit

And for this the TAGB 8th dan Masters awarded Samuel 1st Degree black belt.

When all the Masters and National team members were asked....”what would you like to be? i.e. to be the best fighter, best kicker, best puncher.  They all said “to be as brave and as strong as Samuel Oldridge”

Samuel Oldridge will be greatly missed always and we are proud to name this annual tournament after him.

Be Inspired - Samuel Oldridge performing pattern Chon-Ji at the competition

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Samuel Oldridge Cup

The best competitor of the tournament each year will receive the Samuel Oldridge Cup award.

Award Winners:

Rhiannon Cowan
1st Annual Cup Winner (2010)

Mitchell Dennett
2nd Annual Cup Winner 

Joshua English
3rd Annual Cup Winner 

Max Cooper
4th Annual Cup Winner 

Bethany Monger
5th Annual Cup Winner 


Hannah Slater
6th Annual Cup Winner 

Rocco Strickland
7th Annual Cup Winner 
Ted Spooner
8th Annual Cup Winner